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Warm weather and breastfed babies under 6 months of age

Nikki Adlam

Summer’s coming! I’m ever the optimist in this matter which is probably caused by years of being married to an ice cream man!

So what has this to do with breastfed babies and their mums? Babies get thirstier in warm weather and this means that they will need to feed more often. Fortunately breastmilk is 88% - 90% water and so contains all the water your baby needs. These feeds tend to be quite short and therefore can be seen as quite irritating to some mums! Sometimes your baby may have a spate of doing green poo during this time too, simply because these extra feeds are short and less fat is taken in. It is easy to think that your milk supply is dropping when your baby suddenly increases the need to feed. Don’t panic; if your baby seems otherwise well, in warm weather it’s mostly about thirst, just as we all need to drink more.

So in a nutshell; you have everything your baby needs. Don’t be at all surprised by more frequent feeds that are short, your baby doesn’t need to be given any extra water by any other means. Don't be too surprised when / if  normally beautiful yellow poo becomes green. Some people may tell you that your baby should have bottles of water, especially if their experience is of formula feeding only.

Keep calm and carry on breastfeeding :)


Note: At about 6 months of age when your baby is weaning onto solid foods offer sips of water from either from an open cup (weaning is a messy business anyway!) or a free-flow lidded cup.