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Spring has sprung

Nikki Adlam

Cheery greetings from Jan - Spring has sprung thank goodness! I've been teaching an amazing group of breastfeeding peer supporters for the past few weeks. What an inspirational experience for me. We all need replenishment from time to time, no matter how dedicated and positive we are about our chosen subject. The topic exploring local attitudes to infant feeding resulted in a wonderful audio recording of some 9 and 10 year olds. Many of them knew about bottle feeding and some about breastfeeding, but the surprise to me was that they knew and used the word "formula". It just shows how alert and sponge-like children are and how influential modelling is in childhood. You may have stories of your toddler sons and daughters breastfeeding their teddies. Great modelling opportunities happen every day. Just to clarify "modelling" meaning role modelling rather than modelling clothes!