Client Agreement

When you meet us for a private consultation, we will ask you to sign two copies (one for you and one for us) of the following Breastfeeding Consultation Agreement. This Agreement sets out our terms and tells you what you can expect from a private consultation with Breastfeeding Norfolk:

During this consultation of up to 75 minutes, you will be asked for your breastfeeding story, listened to with respect, and where appropriate, a breastfeed will be observed.

After discussion, and in accordance with your own thoughts, you will be offered practical guidance to support your wishes about feeding your baby. You may decide not to follow the actions offered at the consultation and this is your choice.

A follow up ‘phone call will take place at an agreed time as part of the consultation.

The fee of £50.00 (plus any additional travel expenses) will be paid at the consultation. We do not currently accept card payments.

Breastfeeding Norfolk does not give any medical advice. In the event of any situation requiring potential medical intervention or being outside the remit of Breastfeeding Norfolk, we will signpost you to the relevant health professional as appropriate.

In accordance with our insurance your client records will be maintained by us for a period of five years.

In addition and in accordance with Data Protection best practice, Breastfeeding Norfolk will only ever use your breastfeeding record for the purposes of providing breastfeeding support within the terms of this agreement and will keep your client record confidential. You have a right to see your record and to correct it if you consider it to be incorrect.

Breastfeeding Norfolk follows the guiding principles of The Code of Ethics for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants available to view at:

Please sign this agreement to indicate that you have understood and agree to the terms of the consultation.

Thank you.