"A huge thank you to Jan for all her support with our breastfeeding journey so far. We have come so far with still a way to go and we wouldn't have done it without the amazing Jan!!"  - Kathryn

"Nikki came to my home as I was struggling with both breasts being engorged all the time, making it painful and uncomfortable to feed my little girl. Not only was Nikki helpful, she was also incredibly kind and reassuring. I highly recommend this service to any mummies out there who are finding it difficult to feed their bubbas." - Georgina

"Just wanted to say in case I don't see you again that we really appreciate all your help with everything. You have saved my breastfeeding journey and have been a huge inspiration to me. Once again THANK YOU- to still be breastfeeding my special rainbow baby now was something I didn't think would be possible". - Becca

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the Breastfeeding Norfolk team. Jan visited us at home when my baby boy was only days old. We were using nipple shields due to my son having a tongue tie. We could not breast feed without them as my son wouldn’t come to the breast. Jan provided useful tools to help us try without but constantly reassured us that it would happen with a bit of perseverance. We were invited along to the breastfeeding support groups where we met other mums and babies with breastfeeding issues and were introduced to other experienced support. Using the tools that Jan and Nikki at Breastfeeding Norfolk gave us we stopped using the shields at 4 weeks. It has given me confidence to feed in public.....the groups were great for this as a stepping stone. Jan and Nikki were so supportive, very encouraging and really cared about us. My husband, son and I are so pleased with the outcome and I would recommend to anyone who needs breastfeeding support”. - Sonya

“I’m so pleased my friend brought me to the Thursday drop in! I was having an awful time feeding and after a home visit from Jan my baby was assessed for a tongue tie and an urgent referral made, within a week he had been seen and treated. I think I would have given up without this help and Jan went above and beyond to help me. The drop in Thursday clinic is really welcoming and it’s really reassuring to know I can pop in if I’ve any concerns in the future”. Emily

“I just had a private consultation with Nikki due to my son not wanting to come off the nipple shields, after speaking to midwives and a other lactation specialist Nikki came to see me and within 30 mins my son latched on to both breasts... this lady is a miracle worker I highly recommend her not only does she explain everything but makes you feel good about yourself”. Emma

“An amazing service. Jan came to my house when my little boy was 2 weeks old and being fed through a feeding tube as he was premature. Jan gave us the confidence to get the feeding tube removed and continue mix feeding. As he gradually got bigger and stronger he needed less bottle feeds and by 3 months he was fully breastfeeding and is still breastfeeding at almost 14 months. Without Jan’s help I wouldn’t have had the confidence to carry on going x”. Tania

“Jan has helped me over 2 and a half years of breastfeeding. I couldn’t be more grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone who requires breastfeeding support. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!” - Sam

“I can't thank these two ladies enough! I can honestly say they saved my breastfeeding journey! I would never have fed until 14 months or even 4 months without them. When the doctors were pushing me to formula and didn't know what was causing my pain, Nikki and Jan both supported me week after week, encouraging me to come back if it continued and helping get to the bottom of it. 
Highly recommended to anyone who is going to breastfeed they are AMAZING” - Becky

“I had a private consultation with Nikki, she was absolutely brilliant! I had struggled with a painful latch for 8 weeks, I can't believe what a difference it has made for me and baby! My little one is so much more settled and going longer between feeds, I can only assume it's because he is now feeding more efficiently! Thank you for your help, I wish I had contacted you sooner!” - Sophie

“I can't thank Jan enough for her support with our breastfeeding journey. We were struggling to wean off nipple shields after my little boy had his tongue tie cut, and he wasn't gaining weight very well. After just a couple of visits to the drop in session we've only used the shields twice in the first few days, and my little boy has gained 14.5oz in the 15days. We were on the verge of giving up and I'm so glad that with Jan's support we have been able to continue. If you are having any breastfeeding issues I would highly recommend speaking to Jan”. - Hatty

Our son was bottle fed for the first 11 days because he wouldn’t latch. We started with nipple shields and had Jan visit us at home. She was so supportive and encouraging. She referred us to the tongue tie clinic to have a tie released. We cut out the bottles completely. I was finding the nipple shields quite frustrating to use as he got older and I was so worried about the fact the he still would eat without them and that I’d have to use them until he was fully weaned. Jan came to us again and was very reassuring. She said she was sure that he would get it and that one day he would he without them, it would just take him some time. At about 16 weeks old our son decided for himself that he didn’t want to use them anymore, he totally rejected the shields and latched on for the first time and ate a full feed for without shields for the first time in his life. We had a few days here and there where he wanted them back but now at 5 months old he is 100% shield and bottle free. We wouldn’t be here without Jan’s support and advice. - Beccy